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Techno Beach was started in 2011 by (2) DJs and good friends… Omar G, and myself… Mike Miro.

For several years, we stuck to mostly throwing private house parties because most venues in South Florida (and perhaps the entire U.S.) won’t grow a dick and bring in Fresh DJs that push the envelope and play the underground sounds so many of us enjoy. Instead they play your painfully bad garden variety Afrojack, Guetta, Angello, and other Fromage.

Our goal for Techno Beach was to have a party at a beachside rooftop venue for our awesome friends and like minded individuals that enjoy underground sounds. Also we wanted to be able to invite in local DJs we’re friends with to play, and book the artists we all want to hear.

Eventually we found a local venue with a great location on the beach that lets us do what we do. The party has been incredibly successful thanks to the support from our growing group of friends collectively known as The Electric Sandwich Shop.

So we invite you to come experience Techno Beach with us.

Our awesome friend Kelvin “The Miami Techno Viking” Tamayo explains it best.
“If you’re a fan of hearing sexy House grooves on a rooftop overlooking Fort Lauderdale beach… or if you’re interested in making awesome, down-to-earth friends you’ll know for a lifetime… you should join us monthly. I never miss it, and neither should you.”

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